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Scavenger Hunts

Updated: May 29, 2020

Below are two scavenger hunts. The first one can be done outdoors on your own. It helps you use four of your senses to explore nature. The second one can be done indoors with some help from a parent. It explores facts about plants and animals in Africa.

#1: Four Senses Scavenger Hunt

Download the pdf below, and print it out.

Pick an area outdoors. It can be your backyard, a park, hiking trail, or any safe area in nature.

The paper below lists various things for you to find in nature. They are things you can see, hear, touch, and smell. When you find something that fits the description, each question will indicate that you describe it, draw it, or answer a question about it.


4 senses scavenger hunt
Download PDF • 761KB

#2: In-home Scavenger Hunt

For this parent-led scavenger hunt, download the attachment below, print out all the trivia cards, and cut them out.

For the parent:

The first card you will use is blank, and you will write your first clue on that one. The following clues are written on the back of each trivia card. The clues you come up with will direct your child to places around the house where you have hidden the trivia cards.

Examples of clues are:

“Behind the couch cushion,”

“Under one of the beds,”

“Where we keep our glasses,”

or “Hidden in my favorite book.”

Have your child fill out the worksheet as they go through the scavenger hunt. They should be able to fill out the whole worksheet by the end.

After your child has found the last trivia card, ask them to share five interesting facts they have learned. You can then verbally tell them their last clue, which will lead them to a prize of any sort.

Sample trivia cards (download all cards below):


In home scavenger hunt
Download DOCX • 3.97MB

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