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Tembe Elephant Park

If you're interested in African wildlife, this is a great one! The camera is set up at a watering hole, so there are animals there quite often.

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Channel Islands Kelp Forest

Go underwater to watch the kelp forest off of Southern California. This interesting environment can have some strong currents moving the kelp but you will see some great examples of California fish.


Gorilla Forest

Watch gorillas in the forest as they eat, sleep, and travel with their family.


Decorah Eagles

Watch a bald eagles' nest as the pair raises their chicks in Iowa.


Olifants River

This camera watches the Olifants river in Emulusi, South Africa. Hippos and crocodiles are regularly in the river and giraffes, baboons, and elephants can be seen on the river banks.



The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a live feed of their jellyfish exhibit that gives you an up-close view of jellyfish anatomy and is also very relaxing to watch!

This cam is only available 7am-6pm Pacific Standard Time.

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